curious george felt embroidery hoop art

Around our house, we LOVE Curious George.  Love.  We own almost all of the books, the kids love the show, we’ve seen a few movies and we talk talk talk about George all the time.  For this reason I felt that it was very fitting to stitch up a little Curious George Felt Embroidery Hoop Art for my kids’ room.  And, let me tell you, even my 18 month old squealed when she saw it.  I told you, we love Curious George!

This is a very simple project–made from felt and an embroidery hoop–that even a very beginning stitcher can easily accomplish.  Use the template I have provided and a back stitch, that’s it.  But, in case you need a little bit more than that, here are the details for making your very own Curious George Felt Embroidery Hoop Art.


  • Template
  • Felt (I use wool felt) in brown, tan, black, white and pink
  • Template
  • Clear Tape
  • Matching Embroidery Thread
  • White Canvas Material
  • Embroidery Hoop

curious george felt embroidery hoop art supplies

As a first step, download the template.  All this template is is a simple drawing of Curious George that I made, that shows the distinct different parts of his face.  Download and print on regular paper.  There are also words included that you can choose to embroidery.  I decided not to include these in my project.

curious george embroider pattern



Once you have downloaded the template, here are the steps for creating your Curious George Felt Embroidery Hoop Art:

Curious George Felt Embroidery Hoop Art How to

  1. Cut out the pieces needed.  Here is where the clear tape come in.  Cut out the main shape of the face, minus the ears and tape this directly to a brown piece of felt.  Cut around it.  Then, cut out the tan part of Curious George’s face, tape this to tan felt and cut around it.  Continue this process with the eyes, mouth and ears.
  2. Here is a picture of all the pieces you will have when you are done cutting.
  3. Stretch your white canvas material (or any sturdy material) in an embroidery hoop.  Stitch down the felt pieces working from the bottom up.  Start with the large brown face shape.  Use straight pins to pin it in place and the use a back stitch and a matching thread to stitch all the way around it.
  4. Continue stitching down the parts of the face, once again, working from the bottom up.
  5. When everything is stitched down, trim your material and secure on the back…or transform this felt embroidery hoop art into something fun, like a pillow, bag, etc.

curious george embroidery hoop art

And there you have it.  I hope that you love this wonderful monkey as much as we do!