family portrait in cross stitch--tutorial

And, I’m back with another cross stitch family portrait!  There was a time when I used to post of this little blog EVERY DAY.  (Every day!) and now, I’m lucky if I get something up here once a week.  Oh well.  You might have guessed, but it is actually very difficult to type/stitch/edit/anything with a baby on your shoulder or nursing.  So, for the time being I guess once a week is all you’ll hear from me.

As I shared in my last post (last week) I am working on creating a time line of family portraits of my family.  Last week I shared my portrait of our family now, with all 5 members.  Today I am going to share with you the portrait of our family from 2013.  I just love how these little cross stitch portraits are turning out and I can’t wait to see them all together and displayed in my home.

Below is a picture of my actual family from 2013 and us in cross stitch–hopefully you can tell which is which :)!

family portrait in cross stitch 2013

I made this portrait using exactly the same steps as I did with my 2014 portrait.  If you think this is cute and fun (which it is of course) I hope you consider stitching up your own family in cross stitch!

The real challenge of 2013 was my daughter.  You see, she wasn’t a baby (I have her as a baby in arms in the 2012 portrait) and yet she didn’t start to walk until January of 2014…so how do I portray her?  It would look weird for her to be in one of the parent’s arms, and off for her to be standing.  So, I came up with this cute little solution:

toddler cross stitch pattern

It is simple, and I really like it.  I love that you can see the diaper and that is it pretty clear that she is a pre-walker.

As I shared before, the fun of stitching your family up in cross stitch is that it is pretty easy and that it calls for some creativity.  I plan out all of my portraits using this BLANK CROSS STITCH GRID.  This gives me an opportunity to play with hair styles, heights, clothing styles, etc.  And then, after all of the coloring and drawing is done, I have a nifty little pattern for my project.

As I said before, cross stitch, even these little family portraits, do take a little time, but I was able to complete mine easily in 2 naptimes…even with an infant that doesn’t really have a nap-time yet!

And, here is the font I used if you’d like to add some written personalization.

family portrait in cross stitch 2

So, aren’t you just dying to see what your family looks like in cross stitch!  Get to work…and if you do stitch up your family, snap a picture and let me see it!

family portrait in cross stitch cg


Thanks for being here, as always,

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