10 kitty cat craft ideas

Hello and welcome back!  Today’s collection of featured craft ideas are a little odd for me: 10 Kitty Cat Craft Ideas.  Although I am unsure if anyone from my family actually reads my blog (hello, any family here) if my family is here they are certainly rolling their eyes or shaking their heads right now.  Because, you see, they know that I don’t actually like cats.  Not at all.  Not even a little.  Even though I grew up on a farm where we had tons of cats and a couple of batches of kittens every year, I made it very well known that I didn’t really care for them.  And I still don’t.

But, fast forward to November 2012 and the birth of my sweet little Bernadette.  Although just 18 months right now, she has plenty of personality.  She loves playing with tractors, and playing in the mud, but she is also a girly-girl who like to play with purses…and she LOVES kitties.  Loves.  She squeals and claps her hands every time are near a cat, or even see a pictures of a cat.  Like today, we had to spend 10 minutes looking at cans of cat food in the grocery store–and I had to keep her from kissing each and every pictures of a cat she found on the cans.

And so, I’d like to dedicate this little roundup to my sweet Bernadette, who may, after all these years, make me into a cat person…maybe.

Just one little reminder–if you love a project idea here, don’t pin from this post, but follow the link and pin from the original post.  Thanks and enjoy!


Here Kitty Kitty Pillow Tutorial from Smile and Wave


Wooden Clothespin Cats from Sponge and Design


Felt Travel Sewing Kit from Sew for Home


Printable Kitty Magnetic Bookmarks from Wild Olive


Cat Lady Embroidery Patterns from Pink Samurai


Attack Cat on Duty Embroidery for sale on Etsy


Fork Cat Necklace for sale on Etsy

pencil case

Felt Kitty Pencil Case from Small Things with Love


Scribble Kitty Embroidery from Do Small Things with Love


DIY String Organizers from Little White Whale

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