toilet paper roll cars

Hello!  Ready for a quick, cheap, kid-focused craft?  Well, I have one for you: Toilet Paper Roll Cars.

Ever had one of those rainy days–the kids are dying to be outside but that just isn’t an option.  We have had a cold, wet May up until a few days ago.  In this event I like to keep a little list of easy, cheap crafts that I can get the kids to do without a lot of prep or supplies.  Since I know that cars will always be a hit, with both my son and my daughter, I knew that this toilet paper roll car project would be a fun project.  Not only do they both love to paint, but they will play with anything as long as it loosely looks like a car!

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Paint (watercolor or acrylic)
  • Scissors
  • Thin Cardboard
  • Hot Glue Gun

toilet paper roll cars step 1

As a first step, take each toilet paper roll and cut a “U” shape in the top.  Fold up the “U”.


toilet paper roll cars 2

Next, strip the kids, pull out the newspaper and get painting.  My kids are still young, so painting is a bit of a full-contact sport but the kids really enjoy it.  We painted our three tubes in honor of the characters from CARS: Red for Lightning McQueen, Blue for Sally and Green for Chick Hicks.


toilet paper roll cars 3

Next we took some light cardboard (a manila envelope) and made some tires and steering wheels.  I drew the circles and my son painted them black.  From there, once the paint was dry I cut out the wheels and steering wheels and glued everything in place with some hot glue.  And, done!

Ta da!  If only my son didn’t look so SILLY in the background of this picture!


toilet paper roll cars for kids

Will they last forever?  No.  But, did we have fun making them–and are the kids playing with them right now?  YES!


toilet paper roll cars tutorial


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