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It is a good thing love where you are from.  And, although this was put to the test for most Minnesotans this winter (wow) I can still say that I love where I live: Minnesota.  It’s nothing fancy and it gets terribly cold, but it’s where I was born, it’s where my children were born and it’s home.  I hope that you feel this way about your own state, and if you do, here is a simple project celebrate your home state: State Love, Beginner’s Embroidery Project.

My husband is a transplant, brought here years ago with work, but together we are a Minnesota family.  Like all Minnesotans the minute we get a hint of nice weather we are outside soaking it up!  Other people in other states might think that they take advantage of nice weather, but until you have survived a Minnesota winter like the one we just had, you have no idea.

family shot fall 2013

Who knows if we will always live here–in fact the chances are good that my husband’s job will relocate us at some point, but I at least, will always remain a Minnesotan.  This is home and even the shape of our state invokes a feeling of home in me.  I am also incredibly bias (admittedly) if someone or something is from Minnesota, chances are I’ll like it!

So, of course I made my State Love project in the shape of Minnesota, but this is a project that could easily be done in the shape of any state or country…or county…really, any shape at all.  But, before I get ahead of myself, here is the how to:


  • Sturdy Canvas Material, white
  • Iron-on Interfacing
  • Water Soluble Marker
  • Shape of State displayed on computer screen
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Thread and Needle

As a first step, take your canvas material and iron on a similar sized piece of interfacing to the back.  This will give you a more hardy place to stitch.

Next, head to your computer and pull up a outline/image of your state.  Copy/paste/zoom until the state is the actual size you would like to stitch.  Note here–if your state has fun details like Minnesota, don’t go too small.  But keep in mind that this project does require some time to stitch–and more time the bigger the shape.  Once you have your state shape pulled up on your computer, take your fabric and tape it directly to your screen.  Then, grab your water soluble marker and trace the shape of your state directly onto your fabric.  See my outline below?

state love embroidery craft

Next, start stitching!

The stitch I used here is a satin stitch.  A satin stitch is basically just a bunch of long stitches running parallel that eventually fill an entire area.  I stated in the bottom left corner with diagonal stitches and then once that area was full, I changed color thread and did some vertical stitches along the bottom.  I personally didn’t plan out the patches of stitches in different stitches, but you could do this.  I used three threads of each color at a time.

state love embroidery project

As I stitched I worked to use a rainbow of colors.

And, the above picture is what my pretty little Minnesota looked like when I was done stitching!

The next step is to soak the cloth to remove the water soluble ink used to draw the outline of the state.  Lay the cloth flat while drying to keep the stitching looking good.  Ta da!

Now, I know that I stared out this post claiming that this is a beginner’s embroidery project and it really is.  The entire project uses just one stitch and it is easy to cover up mistakes with the satin stitch (which is what I love).  Just keep stitch and cover it up!  Give it a try!

state love embroidery project for beginngers


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 Thanks, and stop back here on Friday for a whole collection of crafts that show some love to your State!

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