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Hello!  I hope that you had a blessed Easter.  I did, and I really enjoyed my off-line time.  My little family packed up and headed to my parents’ farm, and I didn’t even bring with my computer.  It was wonderful.  And, I ate a lot of candy.

But, today I am back at it and here to share a very simple greeting card idea: Geometric Magazine Page Greeting Cards.  Hummm, sort of a long title.  In case you have yet to pick up on it, when my posts have really long titles, that means that I struggled to come up with a title for the project.

Okay, but besides the long title, I do really love this craft and it is actually a project that I have been doing for years and years.  When I send standard greeting cards, they are usually this card.  I love the colorful, glossy pictures in National Geographic magazine and over the years have found lots of ways to craft with them.  Also, I love the straight lines and interesting shapes you can easily make on these cards.

Ready to make your own?  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A few colorful pages torn from a magazine like National Geographic.  {A note here.  One page will go a long way.  All three cards in this post were made from one page in the magazine.  I have also found that this project works best with pictures of a colorful landscape, or in this case, a coral reef.  Pictures of a cityspace can also make turn out really cool.  I avoid pictures of people}
  • Straight-Edge paper cutter
  • Glue Stick
  • Black White Cards, or Cardstock cut to 7″x10″ and folded in half.

geometric magazine page cards how to

To create the cards, use your straight edge paper cuter to cut lots of little triangles, in many sizes and types (you know, right triangles, obtuse, isosceles….yay for 10th grade math!!).  Also, make sure you have plenty of little tiny triangle.

Once you have the triangles cut, grab a glue stitch and start arranging them on the front of the card.  I like to start with a bigger triangle and then add one at a time, always keeping one side of the triangle parallel with an existing triangle.  Work your way around, adding to each side, and you will end up with a cool looking geometric shape.  Here are three cards I made just a few days ago in a matter of minutes:

geometric magazine upcycled cards


I love it because they are each just a little bit different.

Thanks for being here today, and if you are looking for a few more magazine crafting ideas, check these out:

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All the best,

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