religious painted plastic easter eggs

Hello!  Today I’m sharing a simply (very simple) project that I made for my little guy Gus this Easter: Religious Painted Plastic Easter Eggs.  (I seem to be very inspired by my son this Easter season–>> see yesterday’s post).  There is really no mystery or shocking how-to here…I just painted some plastic eggs, outlined in Sharpie and they sealed with Mod Podge…but I did this for a very specific reason and I hope it makes at least a small impact on my son Gus.

But first, a  little background.  Gus will be 3 in late May and he is our oldest.  He is just starting to become aware of certain things and often talks of God, and Jesus on the cross and is actively learning his prayers.  He understands that Jesus is part of Easter…but he also understands (much more clearly) that CANDY is a part of Easter.  I have a sweet tooth…and so does he, and I personally have no problem allowing candy to be a part of our Easter celebrations.  Here is Gus on his first Easter…he was just 11 months old:

Gus at Easter 2012

He also understands that Easter eggs are part of Easter…and that they should be filled with CANDY!  So, when we bought eggs at the store last week he was thrilled, thinking I would immediately head home and fill them with candy.  Instead I explained to him that we didn’t fill them with candy and celebrate Easter until Jesus rose from the dead on Easter.  He pondered this, while looking at the eggs but he accepted it.

Gus at Easter 2013

I can tell he’s been thinking about it, this whole Jesus still being in the tomb and us needed to wait until he rises from the dead.  Now he’ll point to the cupboard where he knows I have put the eggs and ask, at least 5 times a day, “Mom, Jesus still in the tomb?”  and I can simply respond “yes” without having to go into any of the candy-related issues we might have to otherwise.

It’s simple, but it’s a start.  He is, after all, not even 3 years old.

And so, I wanted to keep this connection between Jesus and eggs going, even when we (yes we) are frantically hunting for eggs and consuming copious amounts of candy.  I thought an easy way to do this was to paint Christian images onto the eggs, and try to bring that into the egg-hunting experience.

religious painted plastic eggs for easter

As I said, this is easy, and I’m not going to belabor this!  I used general plastic eggs, acrylic paint, a black sharpie marker and Matte Finish Mod Podge.  I did a messy/rough image with the paint and then defined it with marker.  I sealed it with the Mod Podge.  I did all of this with the eggs closed and allowed it to dry.  When it was dry I gently squeezed the sides and they opened just fine, without pealing or getting messed up.

  religious painted plastic easter eggs tutorial

If you are looking to make your own, I did 6 images: Lilies, Resurrection Cross, flowers, Angel, Empty Tomb, and Alleluia banner.

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