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Today I am thrilled to be sharing with you this Photo Framed Family Tree inspired by Amanda Kingloff’s new book, Project Kid.

As a Creative Blogger I get sent all sorts of things in the mail.  More often than not the things I receive are products for crafting or cooking, but every once in a while I receive something that offers pure inspiration.  And I love being inspired.  So, when I opened my door and found Amanda Kingloff’s Project Kid, 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun last week, I was and continue to be deeply inspired.

Amanda Kingloff is a contributor to both Family Fun and Parents Magazine and her ideas in this book are simple, fun, creative and inexpensive.  The pictures are bright, cheerful and quite descriptive.

project kids

As I paged through the book I tagged page after page of crafting ideas that I intend to return to and do with my children, some when they are a little older, and some right now.  She covers tons of ideas including topics in the Animal Kingdom, Home Sweet Home, Playtime, Ready to Wear, and the Great Outdoors.  There is something here for every kid, no matter the gender or type.

In fact, although I loved lots of the projects I came across in this book, I found a project that was perfect for my kids and our huge family.  You see, my parents alone already have 10 grandchildren (with 11 and 12 on the way).  My husband’s family is also growing.  It can get confusing for my kids to remember who is in what family, especially when some parts of the family live very far away.  So, when I saw Amanda Kingloff’s idea for making a Photo Frame Family Tree I didn’t hesitate to make one for my family.

project kid project

Another thing that I really like about the crafting style of this book is that it draws heavily from common household objects like bottles, paper towel tubes, and clothes pins.  Also, in all of her projects it is simple to substitute one material from another.  For example, in the project I chose to do, the Photo Frame Family Tree, the book uses playdough lids to frame each picture.  Since I have a HUGE family, and we haven’t really gotten into playdough as a family yet, I didn’t have any playdough lids to use.  But, I did have lots of heavy cardstock and markers.  Easy substitution and I’m really pleased with the final result.

Before getting to work on this fun project I edited all of my photos with PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing.

family tree

Just as I thought they would, my kids LOVED the family tree.  They had a lot of fun pointing out the various family members and, as my daughter is above, finding their own pictures.

project kid family tree

This little craft has make a fun addition to your playroom…and yes, in the picture above my son is wearing a measuring pail on his head.  He calls it his special hat, but that’s an entirely different story.

I really loved Project Kid by Amanda Kingsloff, and so did my husband.  He certainly isn’t as crafty-minded as I am, but even he couldn’t resist paging though this beautiful book.  It is a fun and wonderful resource for any parent to have on hand for crafty inspiration!

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