printable watercolor crucifix

Today I am sharing a very simple, easy and yet beautiful project to do with your kids, toddlers and up, this Lent.  This Easy Holy Week Watercolor Art project is made even easier with the printable crucifix I’ve made.  I did a very similar project to this last year (see it here) but because it involved drawing a crucifix free-hand as the first step, I decided to revisit this project, and make it much, much easier.

And so, first off, here is the free printable of the crucifix to use for this project.  Click the link below, print and get creative.

Crucifix Silhouette


Here is a breakdown of how to do this project.  Once you have downloaded the images of the crucifix, print it out on cardstock paper.

printable watercolor crucifix how to

First, if you are doing the at home, the ink from your printer will smear when you watercolor over it, so you need to seal it.  The easiest way to do this is to color over it with a crayon.  I did this one my sister and her kids.  Some of us used a black crayon (above) and others used a clear crayon.  If you use the clear crayon it can add a cool look to color roughly outside of the edges of the crucifix.

Then, grab the watercolors and get painting.  Use a big brush and lots of paint, painting right over the top of the crucifix.

Cover the entire page with color and then use a little extra water to blend the colors (not too much) after you are done painting.

printable water color crucifix

Yup–it really is that easy.  I hope that you and your family have a blessed and holy Lent.

Thanks, as always, for being here!

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