Felt Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Bags

felt heart shaped valentines bag

Hello, hello!  I am excited to be sharing another sweet little (felt) Valentine’s craft with you today: Felt Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Bags.  If you have been following the blog lately, you might have noticed that I am on a bit of a Valentine’s Bag kick, and I hope you aren’t getting annoyed!  Last week I shared these Hand-Stitched Valentine’s Treat Pouches as well as these Simple Valentine’s Treats Bags.  I know what you are thinking–why so many Valentine’s Bags?  Well, the truth is that my favorite part of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate.  Absolutely.  I love getting and giving chocolate.  But, since I’m not able to make chocolate, and I like to give hand-made gifts, I have decided to create unique and special containers in which I can give chocolate.  Because really, what is Valentine’s Day without chocolate?

These little bags are cute and actually pretty easy to put together.  I stitched mine together while watching my kids play at an in-door playground (because we live in Minnesota and baby, it’s cold outside).  Here’s how to make your own.

felt heart shaped valentines bag how to

  1. First off, cut out two identical hearts from felt.  Although this can be any size mine in the pictures above was about 8″ across in the widest part.
  2. Next, cut a long strip of felt that will serve as the edge and handle.  My strip of felt was 1.5 inches thick.  To figure out how long this strip needs to be, measure the perimeter of your heart.  This is not an exact science.  Take a ruler and rotate the heart around until you have a general idea of the perimeter.  Then, multiply by 2 and cut out this length of felt.  This will be a generous amount of felt, but it is better to have it be a little long.
  3. Add some embellishment to the front of your bag.  I did this by sewing on a few felt and fabric hearts with a running stitch.
  4. After that it is time to start attaching the edge/handle.  Grab the front heart and the long strip of felt and start at the tip of the heart with one end of the felt strip.  With right sides OUT, begin to blanket stitch the two pieces together.  Continue the blanket stitch up to the top of the heart where it begins to curve in.  Then, continue the blanket stitch on the handle alone until you reach the other side of the heart, where you once again stitch the heart and the long strip of felt together.
  5. After you have the front heart entirely attached, it is time to add the back heart.  To do this, first trim the long strip of felt.  Then stitch across the bottom of the heart using a running stitch until you get to the backside of the bag.  The running stitch will attach the two ends of the felt strip.  Then, repeat the blanket stitch on the back-side of the heart, just as you did on the front.

felt heart shaped valentines bag 1

I hope that explanation wasn’t too crazy.  This really is a simple project.  Also, if you have never ever tried the blanket stitch, you really should.  It is an easy stitch, and here is a great video tutorial to get you started.

I also made a little bag with ribbon as the handle.

felt heart shaped valentines bags 2

As always, thanks for being here!

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  1. Cute!

  2. Nancy, these are really cute! I know a few girls who would love these! You are featured this weekend in my Create Link Inspire features. thanks for linking up! Come on over and check out the sewing for kids ideas I’ve got in the post today! I’ve spread the word all over social media… would love for you to do the same.. Happy weekend!! Emily@nap-timecreations

  3. What an adorable idea!

    Thanks for linking up to Tip Me Tuesday linky party this week. {knuckle bumps}

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