Beautiful Butterfly Snack Clips

beautiful butterfly snack clips

Hello!  I have another simple kid-focused project to share with you today because, let’s be honest, I’m in the middle of a much-too-involved embroidery project that is taking waaay too long to complete.  So, while I keep plugging along on that, here is something simple and fun that you can pull together in 10 minutes or less: Beautiful Butterfly Snack Clips.

My inspiration for these Beautiful Butterfly Snack Clips came from two places:

    1. My kids are snackers, and everyone, especially mom, is happy if they get a snack.
    2. A Bug’s Life.  The Movie.  Have you seen this movie, probably awhile ago.  Well, my son saw it for the first time about a week ago and ever since he has been walking around the house saying/yelling “I’m a beautiful butterfly!” because of this hilarious scene.

Ha!  Are you laughing with me?  I can’t help but quote that lovable chubby caterpillar myself!

And so, here are the supplies required to make your own Beautiful Butterfly Snack Clips:

beautiful butterfly snack clip

Creating of the actual clips is really simple, and my kids did most of the work.  Just cover the clothes pin in paint.  Then, once dry, use a hot glue gun to add eyes and a pipe cleaners for antenna.  Easy Peasy!

beautiful butterfly snack clip for kids

To add the wings, grab a zip lock baggie and two different snacks.  Lay the bag flat on the counter top and put a handful of each snack on opposite sides of the bag.  While still laying flat, gather up the center of the bag, twist if you’d like, seal the bag and clip with your clothes pin.

And, let the snacking begin!

Just like the Kitty Cat Pizza that I shared yesterday, this simple little project has broken up the boredom that can come with feeding small children.  Somethings I feel like I am giving them the same thing in the same way each and every day.  It is nice for both me and them to change things up just a little bit!

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