free printable unicorn valentine

Soooo, I have a strange sense of humor, and this Unicorn Valentine Free Printable will get you in touch with that.  Anyone else here think that Unicorn Farts are funny?  No?  Well, I do!

First off, thanks to my friends #MyFavoriteBloggers I have an (unhealthy?) affection for unicorns.  Also, my sweet husband allowed me to take a 2 day Adobe Illustrator class the past two days–which is a challenge in a really fun way.  So, I combined these two things, unicorns and Adobe Illustrator, threw in a little Valentine’s Day love and came up with these hilarious (I think) Valentines.

And, I made them for my husband because our love really is as magical as unicorn farts–but HOPEFULLY not as stinky ;).

And guess what–if you want them, they are your’s for free!

Download Your Own Unicorn Valentine HERE!

After you have it downloaded and printed you are just seconds from totally making your sweetheart’s day with this farting unicorn valentine.

free printable unicorn valentine fart

Grab some tootsie rolls (I think the colorful ones will work best for this project), tape and scissors.  Then, cut out the Valentine and rainbow rectangle.  Trim the rainbow to fit your candy.  Wrap your candy, tape it down…and enjoy the magic!  See, the wrapped candy will look like a rainbow coming out of the back-side of the unicorn, like the unicorn is farting a rainbow.  Too much detail?  Did I not need to explain that?  Oh well.

unicorn fart valentine

Ha, ridiculous, I know.  But, if you can’t give out a fun, ridiculous farting unicorn to your special someone on Valentine’s day, then when can you

Thanks for being here–and I hope you have a wonderful fantastical Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!