Free printable tractor valentine

Hello, hello!  Today I am sharing a Valentine that I made for my son this year.  It is just a simple little design, but since I know the he isn’t the only little boy that loves tractors, I thought I’d share it here too.  And so, here it is, Free Printable Tractor Valentine!

Anyone else have a little boy that runs around their house going “Brmmmm, Brmmmm!” all day long?  My son is obsessed with tractors.  We play tractors, he pretends to be a tractor, we talk about tractors and my dad, who is a farmer and drives lots of tractors, is one of my son’s heroes.  If it has something to do with a tractor, rest assured, he’ll love it.  And, just as I thought, he loves these Valentines.

free tractor valentine printable

You make my heart go brmmmm, brmmmm!  Don’t you just love how cheesy Valentine’s can be?  I think I have made so many free printable valentines this year just because I love being cheesy.

The Free Printable Tractor Valentines are simple, but my son likes them.  I hope your little guy like them too!  Feel free to click the link below and download the PDF directly to your computer and print away!  They will print out 4 to a sheet.  There is no specific spot to add a treat, but just print on cardstock, for best results, and tape a treat anywhere!

Download Free Printable Tractor Valentine

Gus in tractor

And, before I go I just have to share a picture of my little boy riding in the tractor with his Grandpa.  It is so nice that tractors these days come with an extra little seat and seat-belt.  The perfect spot for a farmer-in-training!  That is one happy boy out there working with his grandpa.

PS–here are two more Valentines I’m offering as free printable!

free printable valentines to color cg

Free Printable Valentines to Color

unicorn fart valentine

Unicorn Valentine Free Printable

Thanks, as always, for being here!

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