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embroidered lace clutch

Hello and thanks for stopping by today.  I have a fun little embroidered lace clutch tutorial to share with you.  Really, I’m just in love with this project.  It’s pretty, right?  It is one of those projects that I went into without a clear plan, just a bunch of gorgeous materials.  But, that’s the thing about great materials, right?  They can really speak to you and the result, well, it can be something very special.  A big thank you to for supplying the beautiful materials I used for this project!

Supplies for Embroidered Lace Clutch

  1. Flat Round Blue Shell Beads
  2. Embroidery Hoop
  3. White Floral Lace
  4. Embroidery Floss, Blue Hues
  5. Blue Felt (wool)
  6. Shiny Green Seed Beads
  7. Thin Ribbon

embroidered lace clutch supplies

The first step of this project is, of course, embroidery.  I started with a really beautiful piece of lace, but I wanted to give it a some pop, and add a bit of a vintage feel.  I did this with embroidery thread and beads.

First, I cut 2 pieces of felt, and two pieces of lace, each roughly 6″ x 8″, but really, it could be any size.  I then layered the lace and felt and placed it in the embroidery hoop, so that it would be easier to stitch.  I added embellishment only to the front, although both front and back of the clutch have a layer of felt and a layer of lace.

Below is a closeup of the embellishments I added to the front.

embroidered lace clutch 2

All of the stitches I added are back stitches, which is the most basic stitch.  First I took a dark blue thread and stitched around the inside and outside of the center of each flower.  Then, I added a bead.  After that I added some long stitches to each pedal with two different colors of blue thread.

Next I turned my attention to the leaves and stems.  I outlined the stems and leaves in a lighter green color and then added an inside outline with a darker green color thread and two small shiny green seed beads.

The final place I added embroidery is to the top.  I placed the finished edge of the lace at what would be the top of the finished clutch.  To attach the two materials, I did a simple back-stitch across the top, on top of the curved line at the top of the lace.  I also did this stitching on back, although this is the only hand-stitching I did on the back.

After the embellishment was done, I headed to the sewing machine to turn this into a clutch.

embroidered lace clutch how to

  1. Place the two pieces of felt/lace together, right sides in.  Then, sew around the outside, leaving the top open.
  2. Trim the edges right up to the seam.  Then, flip the pouch so right sides are out and push out the corners.
  3. Finally, add a ribbon to the top of the clutch so that it cinches shut.  To do this, use a thin ribbon that has been threaded through a bigger needle and stitch it back and forth across the top of the clutch.  When you have stitched all the way across the top of the clutch, tie the two ends together and pull tight.

embroidered lace clutch 3

Annnnd, there you have it!  Beautiful supplies that come together into something special.  I can’t wait to use this cute little clutch when I head out on a date with my husband…and let’s hope that happens soon!

embroidered clutch cg

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