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Hello, hello!  T’is almost the season for giving, and I am, as usual, doing everything at the last minute, including these simple felt gift tags.  Thanks goodness they are simple because my to-do list is getting longer and longer!  But, like I have said before, I like adding a little bit of home-made love to gifts that are not home-made.  I wish I could make all of the gifts I give, but that simply isn’t realistic!  So, a cute little gift tag will have to do!  I already shared a Ornament Shaped Felt Gift Tag that I made for my kids.  This version of a felt gift tag is even simpler and therefore I can make many more of them!

Ready to make your own?

Simple Felt Gift Tag


  • Grey and Green Wool Felt
  • 3 Red Buttons
  • Green Embroidery Thread
  • Red Ribbon

simple felt gift tag

As I said, this is simple.  There aren’t many step so you can stitch one up pretty quick!

  1. First off, cut out your tag shape.  I think simple is best, so instead of doing a fancy rounded shape, my tag is just a rectangle with a pointed end.  No template needed!
  2. Next, cut out and place your embellishments.  I choose to embellish mine with a holly theme: two green holly leaves cut from wool felt and three red buttons.  Then, to add a little bit more I ran a thin red ribbon across the top.
  3. Time to stitch.  First off I stitched down the holly leaves with green thread and a simple running stitch.  Next, I used red thread to sew down my buttons.  Finally, I once again used green thread to add to my runner ribbon at the top.  I decided to use a whip stitch for this step.
  4. Finally, cut a 10″ strip of ribbon and fold it in half.  Sew it to the top of the tag, along the fold.  This will allow you to tie the tag to the gift.  I plan on tying the tag to the bow!

And there you have it.  Simple and charming!

I hope that all your plans for a fun and holy Christmas are coming together, and that you have found some hand-made inspiration here!

Thanks for being here!

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