Confetti Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

Although it’s late in coming, today we are (finally) celebrating October, Pro-Life month with a little confetti embroidery!  Because being pro-life does not meas simply fighting against all that is destructive to life (although it certainly includes this) it also means celebrating life in all stages.  Life is good, just like God is good.  I am the worst at getting pulled down and wrapped up in things that distract me from the beauty of life.  So, stop with me today, and throw a little confetti into your embroidery, and celebrate the goodness of life.

I have shared many times just how blessed and fortunate I am as a mother.  I have two children that bring endless joy to my life, and we are planning on welcoming another baby this summer (yay!).   Becoming a mother, and marveling at the daily changes in my children will never get old.  Do I sometimes loose my patience?  Do I sometimes need to lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes of alone time.  Yes.  Of course!  Every blessing, even the most wonderful, can drive ya crazy some times!


And so, I’m going to share how I created this Life Celebration embroidery project, but first I have to share just one more thing.  I think that having my own children has made me even more pro-life than I was before, simply because I know better the miracle that life is!  For any mothers reading this, wasn’t it just such an awesome experience, the birth of your children?  The dramatic entry of this new life, so small and fragile, but alive and changing?  One of the most powerful moments, that I will always remember, of the birth of my 1st child was actually watching my husband.  Only seconds after the birth, the nurses were buzzing around the baby, and my husband was standing by touching his little hand.  My husband stood over our new son, weeping and shaking.  He was so moved by the miracle that the Lord has just invited us to be part of.  I felt very blessed at that moment.

life cg 1

And so, life gives us so much to celebrate!  Pull out the embroidery thread and let’s celebrate!  What, don’t you embroider when you want to celebrate?


  • Neutral Fabric
  • Iron-On Interfacing
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Water Soluble Marker

life how to

I’m not going to make this more difficult than it is!  There are just four basic steps to this project

  1. Prep your fabric: Iron on Interfacing (to give it more strength) and use the water soluble marker to trace/draw your lettering.
  2. With your selected thread, trace the portion of the letter with a running stitch.
  3. Start stitching in all directions and lengths outside of the running stitch, making sure to connect to the running stitch.
  4. Keep stitch, but as you work your way away from the letter, allow your stitches to get smaller and fewer.

confetti stitch tutorial embroidery

And, there you have it!  As you can see, there is no precise or exact method for this “confetti embroidery stitch” which is why this suits me pretty well!  It reminds me of my scribble kitty.

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that this day you can find a minute to stop and really celebrate the beauty of life.

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Thanks, as always, for being here,

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