photo shoot

Well, it’s Sunday, so I’m back with some photo tips.  One picture is never enough.  Never–especially when the babies are cute and there is mud involved.  I learned well from my mom that when the scene is set you need to start taking pictures–and keep taking picture until things have totally fallen apart.  And so, here is a (mostly visual) tutorial on how to turn a simple photo op into a photo shoot.

1. Get your beauty shot first.  Who knows how long the moment will last!


2. Try different angles.  Including directly above.


3. Don’t miss cool things–like reflections!


4. As long at the kids are happy–see what develops, and keep snapping photos!

pud 6

5. Don’t demand that they always look at the camera.  Capture the moment as they see it.

pud 7

6. Allow them to control the situation–within reason!

pud 9

7. One last picture–and then head in and put the kids directly into the tub!

pud 8

Thanks for being here,

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