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Ready for your next installment of edgy Halloween embroidery?  A few days ago I shared this simple embroidered “Boo”.  Well, I have one of my favorites for you today–a scribble stitch black cat.  Cool, right!?!  Certainly not your grandmother’s embroidery!

Oh, I know what you are thinking–scribble stitch?  What?  Well, you’ve probably never heard of scribble stitch because I just invented it (you can do that sort of thing when you have a blog!!).  Scribble stitch is just what is sounds like–random, unplanned stitched that in the end work to fill in a given place.  I think it gives embroidery a modern edgy look.  What do you think?  If I have peaked your interested and you are interested in giving this new “stitch” a try–I have the perfect Halloween project for you.  My scribble stitch black cat.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Thread and Needle

Water Soluble Marker

Iron-on Interfacing

cat how to

This project is pretty straight forward, but I thought it was fun to include pictures of the progress.

1. Trace the silhouette of a cat with your water soluble maker.

2. The first stitches I did I used 12 purple thread and 12 black threads, all at once.  I wanted something thick and bold that would stitch out in the final project.  As you can see, the stitched are unplanned and don’t follow a pattern.

3. Next, I used 6 threads of black thread, so still pretty thick, made some longer stitches in all parts of the cat.

4. And, finally, I used 3 black threads and continued the scribble stitch, this time making smaller stitches and being careful to completely fill in areas.  Admittedly, this took some time, but not too bad!

scribble kitty 3

I’m really happy with how it turned out!  So, what do you think–did I make a new stitch?  I’m excited to use this new “stitch” in other ways.  Hmmmm, got some ideas brewing!  (But, when don’t I have some ideas brewing?)

Thanks, as always, for being here!

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