Simple Zippered Pouch with Felt Monogram

Hello!  I hope that you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Labor Day is always a little bitter sweet, isn’t it?  It’s still feels like summer, and everyone has a day off of work…but it “marks” the end of summer.  I always spend Labor Day shaking my head and wondering where the summer went.

Well, in case you need one more last minute back to school project, here is a simple zippered pouch that you can whip up in about 20 minutes, or less.  I made this for my niece, and added a simple little monogram for her.  If you’d like to make one yourself, here’s the how-to:

Scrap Fabric (less than 1/2 a yard)
Sewing Machine and Thread
Felt and Embroidery Thread

First off, cut out your pieces.  Now, since this doesn’t have to be a specific size, I’m not going to offer a template or anything.  Just cut two triangles that are roughly 10″ x7″.  You will also need two smaller pieces that are about 2″ by 4″, roughly.

Then, take one of your larger rectangle and hand stitch on your embellishment or monogram.

Next, take you zipper and two smaller rectangles of fabric.  With right sides in, stitch each rectangle to the two ends of the zipper, as pictured above.

Then, once again with right sides in, pin and sew the larger rectangles to each side of the zipper, as pictured above.

Finally, with right sides in, sew around the entire exterior of the bag.  Trim the corner.  Then, unzip the bag and flip it right side out.  Use a pen to push the corners square.

And… you’re done!

It’s simple, really.  I used to be a little intimidated by zippers, but used like this they are really simple.  Give it a try!

Thanks, as always, for being here.  There are big changes coming for this little blog, so stay toned!


  1. Susan@Organized31 says:

    Although I have sewn a couple of pouches with zippers, I continue to be intimidatd by them. I’m pinning now so I can try your tuturial later. (Maybe I can get past my intimidation).

  2. Kara @ Petals to Picots Crochet says:

    So pretty! I love that fabric!

  3. you’re so sweet, Kara! Got it in the bargain bin at Walmart!

  4. Very cute pouch! Love the fabric!

  5. This is very pretty! You did a lovely job! Stopping by from Sugar Bee Crafts!

  6. I loved the fabric also. This looks like a fun and easy project.

  7. Marni @ Haberdashery Fun says:

    Saw this on Craft Gawker. Super cute!


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