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Hello!  I am so happy that you stopped by today.  Although it might not be my ultimate favorite project ever, today I am sharing a project that I am proud of not only because of the finished product, but because in this project I really tried something new.  I was, shall we say, creative.  I really tried to step beyond and outside of anything I have ever seen before, and that’s thrilling for me.  There are so many bloggers out there right now that it is hard to be original, but I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone do an image transfer with newspaper, until now.

That’s right.  I used image transfer (which I really like to do) only this time instead of transferring a photo or magazine image, I transferred newspaper print.  Since newspaper itself isn’t (usually) worth transferring, in this project the transferred image is more about the shape and less about what is actually printed on the paper.  I think it turned out pretty cool, and comes together to create an original and memorable monogram.  I made it specifically for my display of pictures from my adventures in Egypt.  The image transfer technique is not dissimilar to other image transfer projects I have done in the past, but here is the break down of how I accomplished this project:

Supplies: Canvas, Paint, Transfer Gel, Newspaper, Wash Cloth, Sharpie, Mod Podge

newspaper image transfer how to

1. First, prepare your canvas as you desire.  I chose to paint mine gold, using a variety of gold paints.  I also wanted a bit of a textured look to show through my image transfer, so I put on thick globs of paint and allowed it to dry that way.  Once the paint was dry I cut out my monogram shape from regular newspaper.  Then I put a coat of transfer gel directly onto the canvas and pressed the monogram into it, face down.  I also added strips of newspaper along the side to frame the monogram.

2. After the transfer gel has dried completely, place a wet cloth on top of the newspaper and allow it to soak in.  Once totally saturated, use the pads of your fingers to rub off the paper.  The image (or the print on the paper) will remain as the paper rubs off.  Keep wetting and rubbing until all of the paper is removed.

3. Finally, seal with Mod Podge and (if desired) outline the image with a Sharpie.  I chose to do this so that my monogram was more bold.

newspaper image transfer monogram 3

And, here is the final project, amid the Egypt display!

newspaper image transfer monogram 2

Okay, I can’t help myself.  While writing this post I got sucked into looking at pictures of my trip to Egypt, which I took to visit a dear friend 4 years ago.  It was before all the craziness over there.  I had a great time, and I miss my friend dearly!


Here we are looking down on Cairo from the top of a Mosque

egypt 2

And, here I am, around dawn, on top of Mt. Sinai after climbing all night.  Very cold, but so worth it!

Oh memories, of a magical time before kids and marriage, when I could just up and go to Egypt over spring break if I wanted to.  I’m glad I went when I could!

Thanks for being here, and allowing me to indulge in memory, and experiment in my craft room!

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All the best,

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