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 Believe it or not, another month has flown by and it is once again time to team up with the Catholic Bloggers Collective and bring you some Catholic goodness-in blog post form.  Last month we all posted on Our Blessed Mother (see it here).  This month we decided to focus on a Pro-Life theme, in preparation for October, which is Pro-Life month.  I just love what I have to share with you today, a mother’s necklace, but before I get to that, I want to introduce you to the other Catholic Bloggers that have wonderful pro-life posts to share today:

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As I said, as part of this pro-life theme, I am sharing a necklace that I wear ALL THE TIME.  My aunt Cheryl made it for me after the birth of my first child, and I just fell in love.  It is the perfect necklace for any Catholic mother, whether your children are here or in heaven.

nancy mother's necklace Here is a picture of my necklace–and a picture of me and my son welcoming my new daughter into the world last November.  As you can see the necklace is pretty simple, and yet I love it!  Both of my children are represented by their birthstones and the Blessed Mother and Jesus are there to remind me of the high calling that it is to be a mother.

mom mother's necklace Now, I love my necklace, but I feel like the Mother’s Necklaces that my aunt Cheryl makes is even more powerful when a mother has suffered the loss of a child, especially when the loss occurred through miscarriage.  I know that many of you have suffered in this way.  Although I have been spared this pain (so far) I watched my mother loose several pregnancies, some of which were quite advanced.  In the end she lost 6 pregnancies.  Along with the 5 of us that are here, we really believe that she is the mother of 11.  Therefore, her mother’s necklace (pictured above) has 11 birthstones.  We are in order, staring with my oldest sister on the bead below the Blessed Mother.  The miscarriages are represented with the month that they were lost.  Isn’t it beautiful?  In my eyes it is a beautiful testimony to the fact that even though those babies died before birth, they are still members of our family, and my mother can still claim them as her children.  In keeping with this, my mother not only has this necklace, but she has named each of her losses and thinks of them often.

maira mothers

And finally, I don’t have a necklace to share here, but here is a picture of my sister Maria and her 3 wonderful children, on her birthday recently.  Maria, unfortunately, has been asked to suffer as my mom did.  She and her family have been through 2 miscarriages.  Like my mother she named each of her losses, and the family continues to pray for those babies.  What I love most is that her oldest, while praying one night looked at her parents and said, “Mom, when we get to heaven we are going to need a van for all of those kids!”  I love it!

If you would like a mother’s necklace of your own, my aunt would love to make one for you!  Her prices are very reasonable, and you are welcome to contact her directly.  Her email address is: chermn (at) hotmail (dot) com.  Just tell her Nancy sent you!

Thanks for being here, and don’t forget to check out all of the other pro-life posts!

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