Lace and Felt Clutch Tutorial

Well, you know that you are on my blog when there are two felt posts back to back.  I hope you enjoyed the felt lion taggy yesterday.  Today I have a felt project that is a little bit more grown up. And, if you love felt as much as I do, take it in!  We are moving away from felt tomorrow (say it ain’t so!)

But, before that, I’m excited to share what might be one of the simplest projects I have put together in a while.  This lace and felt clutch is seriously easy and (in my opinion) seriously cute.  And, if you are like me, a bit of a help on the organizational front.  Confession time: I’m not the most organized person.  In fact, I might be competing for the title of most Unorganized.  I generally know where everything is…but everything is usually thrown together in one massive mess.  My husband, on the other hand, is very organized and is great about having a specific place for everything, and putting things where they below (most of the time).  So, I am trying to be like him.  This clutch will come in handy because it fits easily inside my purse and will give me a place that can be designated for certain objects–and hopefully help me to keep track of them!

And, here is the basic How To


Felt (grey and red)

Black lace scrap

Sewing Machine

lace and felt clutch 2

This is such a simple project that I didn’t even take pictures of the process, but, seriously, you’ll have no problem doing it.

1. Cut out identical rectangles of the red and grey felt that measure 11″ x 8.5″  Fold in thirds and trim the top third so that it has a rounded top.

2. Take the grey piece and cut out a heart in what will be the top 1/3.

3.  Place the scrap of lace in between the two pieces of felt and head to the sewing machine.  Carefully sew around the heart.

4.  Finally, use straight pins to pin up the sides of the clutch, forming the bottom pocket.  Then, use the sewing machine to sew up one side, across the top and down the other side.

And done!

lace and felt clutch See, look.  It is the perfect size to store my phone, prayer book and pen…three things that always seem to hid in the bottom corner of my purse.  Now, I just have to remember to put them in the clutch!  That will be the trick!

lace and felt clutch 3 It’s felt, it’s simple, it’s cheap to make and it’s functional.  I’m happy!  Wish me luck getting organized!

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