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Hello, hello!  The blog is moved and it is slowly coming together.  I still have some work to do around here, but in the meantime I have a sweet, simple little felt craft to share with you: A Felt Owl Pouch.  That’s right, I might have a brand new blog, but I still love felt!  And, isn’t this little owl pouch adorable?  Aren’t you just dying to make one?  I know you are!  And, guess what, I’ve made it really easy for you.  I made a template.

And, here we go!

How To Make A Felt Owl Pouch



Wool Felt (shades of orange and teal)

Embroidery Thread

  owl pouch how to


Once you have the piece cut out (using the template) you just have some stitching to do.  Refer to the picture above for the order in which things need to be stitched.

1. Take the smaller owl piece and stitch on the eyes, and feathers (you only need to stitch the inside side of the wings at this step).  Add the black eye details.

2. Then, with teal thread stitch the smaller owl shape onto one of the larger owl shapes with a back stitch.

3. Add the other larger owl shape to back and one again using a back stitch, stitch around the outside, excluding the very top edge.

  owl pouch felt

And that, my friends is all there is to it!  Trust me, your spare change never looked so cute until it was in this owl pouch!

Finally, because this is a fairly simple craft I thought I’d add a sweet picture of my little baby girl.  She’s already 10 months!  Whaaaat?  Isn’t she the sweetest?

  owl post

She’s waving goodbye!  Thanks for being here!

Name Picture

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