Hello, and welcome back.  This is a post I shared over on Sugar Bee Crafts a while back, and I am excited to be sharing it here today.  My little girl loves this toy!

Because we are all friends here, I am going to take a minute to open up about a problem I have–something that has gotten considerably worse over recent months…

I’m not just a casual crafter, I am a compulsive crafter.  Ask my husband.  I feel strange if I have a few minutes together and I’m not stitching or gluing or crafting in some way.  I go from one project to the next, to the next.  Sometimes I pour all of this time into a project, only to finish and look up and think, okay, why did I make this again?  Therefore, with the encouragement of my husband, I am trying to be a little bit more purposeful in my crafting.  To stop crafting is not an option for me–but I do need to be mindful about making things with an end purpose, whether they are a gift or décor for a specific room in my house.

Or, they are adorable baby toys, for my adorable baby girl.

In case I didn’t share this before–I have an adorable baby girl (right?!?).  She’s nine months old and is at that age where she is just falling in love with toys.  One of her favorite types of toys are taggy toys.  So, since most of the toys around our house are trucks and trains (my older child is a boy) I made her a simple, sweet lion taggy toy. This is an easy project perfect for a beginning sewer.

Variety of ribbon
Tan felt with scraps of red and black
Stick Pins
Embroidery Thread
Sewing Machine

1. Pull out the ribbon bin and cut 10″ pieces.

2. Cut out two matching circles from the tan felt.  Mine are about 6″ in diameter.  Then, add facial embellishment to the top piece, as shown above.  It would be cute to use buttons for this, but, choking hazard, so keep it simple.

3. Next, take your ribbon and pin it in loops around the perimeter of the bottom piece of felt.

4. Depending on the thickness of your Polyfil or batting, cut a few circles slightly smaller than the felt circles and place between the two felt circles.

5.  Pin in place and head to the sewing machine.  I sewed around the perimeter of the lion’s head about 7 times just to make sure that all of the ribbons are securely in place.

A very simple project, but as soon as I was done with it she grabbed it and started playing with it.  That made the whole project really gratifying!

A pretty toy for a pretty girl.
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