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Hello!  I have a fun little post today that I hope will inspire you to take my most favoritest pictures ever–diaper only pictures.  What is it about a baby in just their diaper?  Really, I can’t get enough of it.  I love it when my kids are running around in just their diapers, and, let’s be honest, it’s summer so that is how they are running around the majority of the time these days.  And so, if you too want to capture the sweetest pictures of your toddlers and babies, strip them down to their diapers, and follow these simple tips!  A quick note first–these tips are designed for mommies, like me.  I am not a professional and do not have fancy equipment.  Anyone can get pictures like the ones I have here!  And, as a little note, I do edit most of my pictures after I take them using PicMonkey: crazy-awesome photo editing.

1. Use Natural Lighting

diaper 5e

What makes the above picture so special?  Of course, it is my beautiful daughter, but beyond that, she is perfectly lit.  In order to get this stunning lighting opt for Natural Light.  Since the kids will be in their diapers chances are you will be shooting inside, but inside it is still possible to get great natural light.  Shoot on a bright sunny day and pick a location where the sun is coming in windows.  Bright sun coming in a window creates a natural light box–perfect for photography.  Also, position your child so that the light is hitting the front of them–the side you will be shooting.

2. Location

diaper 1e It is my opinion that the perfect place to take diapers only photos is the bed.  As you can see, that’s where I shoot mine.  It seems like a natural place and it “confines” the subjects a little bit.  Also, if possible, having light colored sheets on your bed will help to brighten up the picture.  Finally, pull back the blankets and go for that comfy, natural look.

3. Shoot at Eye Level

diaper 3e As is true with any portrait, it is important to shoot your subject at eye level.  This means getting down (the bed helps in that you don’t have to get too low).   I also really encourage trying lots of positions.  Although she is sitting in this picture, my favorite position is the tummy-time position.  Also on this note, get close to your subject.  The most common mistake I see in pictures of children is that they are taken too far away.  Allow your subject to fill up the entire frame.  Getting close to the child will also eliminate background distractions.

4. Timing

diaper 2e I hesitated whether to call this “timing” or “take candid shots”.  But, then again, when aren’t shots of kids candid?  Here is the only way that I can (almost) ensure that you will get good pictures: make sure the kids are well rested, fed, and as happy as possible.  Several times I have gone to take pictures of my kids in various settings and, due to whatever reason, ended up with squat.  The kids hold the aces when taking photos, so try to keep them happy.  Also, on this same point, your job will be a lot easier if you have a camera that can take pictures quickly.  The above picture might be one of my favorites of my kids–and there is no way I could have captured this moment without a camera that takes pictures quickly.  Along with this, take LOTS of pictures.  LOTS and LOTS!

5. Throw Out All of the Rules

diaper 6 The above photo has poor lighting, isn’t located on a bed and is not taken a the child’s eye level.  And yet, isn’t there just something charming and wonderful about a kid in their diaper, especially when they are holding the hand of their father?  This would be a good picture if my son was wearing his swim trunks, but I love it more because he is in his diaper.  The diaper tells a story (that I forgot the swim trunks) and isn’t that what taking pictures of kids is all about?  Telling the wonderful stories of their lives.

I hope this has been helpful, and that it inspires you to take some diapers only photos of your kids/grandkids/nieces and nephews.  And, if you have any other tips for getting great shots of kids, I’d love to hear them!  I am always trying to take better and better shots!

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