image transfer tutorial

Image transfer is one of my favorite, favorite things.  I have done image transfer many times, onto wood, canvas and fabric, but this is the first time I attempted to do a photo transfer onto glass.  I love how this project turned out, mostly because I am in love this this photo, but also because image transfer is really cool on glass.  It is easy to accomplish.  Seriously.  Here’s how to:

How To Transfer a Photo onto Glass:

Omni-Gel 8-Ounce Transfer Medium

Painter’s Tape

Glass Pane (I used glass from a picture frame)

Photo–from book, magazine, or printed on laser jet printer

Wet Wash Cloth

image transfer tutorial
  • First, tape your glass down to the surface you are working on.  This will help you center your photo transfer, protect you from the sharp edges and keep the glass in one place while you work on it. Then, cover the face of the picture completely with the transfer medium.  *Note, please keep in mind that this image transfer will be the reverse of the original, so don’t choose something that will look strange backward.
  • Next, place the photo face down onto the glass.  With the pads of your fingers, pressed down all parts of the photo and try to rub out any air bubbles or globs of gel.
  • Allow to dry completely.  When it is dry, begin to remove the paper.  The image will remain in the dried transfer gel.  Use the wash cloth to soak the paper, and then start rubbing…and rubbing and rubbing until all of the paper is removed.  This process takes some time!  The paper comes off in layers, so let it dry and then come back to it and keep rubbing off the paper.

Frame and display!

image transfer tutorial

One of the things I love the most about photo transfer is that it has an old-time rustic look, which is why I wanted to do a photo transfer of this photo.

Give photo transfer a try–and I’d love to know how your project turns out!

full tutorial for transferring a photo onto glass

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