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Well, it has once again been one crazy, crazy week around my house.  We got our house painted early in the week and then packed up and headed to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  We flew.  With two kids…and we survived!  The weekend was wonderful, although exhausting.  Since my husband is from out there, we did lots of things and saw lots of people that made him smile–and I love making him smile.  Another fun part of our trip is that my husband took along, and used regularly, his new Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush, which gave him something else to smile about (while making his smile extra sparkly)!

Before I dive into the weekend, lots talk a little bit about this toothbrush.  Neither my husband nor I have ever had an electronic toothbrush.  Why?  Because they are too expensive.  Plain and simple.  When the opportunity came along to try one out I was super excited…but my husband was even more excited.  You see, he’s a typical man.  He love gadgets and gismos of all kinds.  He’s always looking for a better tool, a more effective way to do something (without spending too much money).  So, like a good wife (at least in this instance) I gave him my new PowerUp Toothbrush, as long as he reported back to me on how he liked it.  This made him smile, and that made me smile too.

Wanna know what else made me smile–the fact that this toothbrush is under $20.  Seriously!

I picked up my PowerUp toothbrush while shopping at Target with my two kids.  For more on our shopping trip, check out my google+ album here.  And if you do check it out, you are going to see that I wandered into the baby clothes section…and didn’t make it out of there unscathed!

And so, with the new Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush packed we headed out on our great adventure, to see family, friends, and eat lots of food.  With his toothbrush my husband was getting “a month’s worth of brushes each day”, and those pearly-whites would be getting lots of exposure with all of the fun we had in store.

Here is a quick recap of all the things that brought my dear husband smiles on our trip this weekend:

First off, we got dressed up and attended my husband’s college buddy’s wedding.  The kids aren’t looking quite as nice as I hoped, even though this is the beginning of the night.  Baby girl had already lost her hair thing and the little man was rebelling against clothing in general.
But, we enjoyed ourselves.  While there, my husband and the little guy shared a tender moment on the dance floor.
The next day we drove all through West Virginia and visited the college my husband attended.  Since we met long after both of us had graduated from school, it was fun to be there and finally see it myself.
And finally, we spent some time with family, including with my husband’s sister, and her new little baby.  It made us all smile to see the three cousins together for the first time.
A great trip, lots of smiles, and wonderful memories.  I have a wonderful husband and I love to see him smile.  Looking at this picture of him smiling makes me want to just burst open–I just love him more than I can bare!

I really do love seeing my husband smile–and his new Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush is another thing to smile about.  He loves it.  Loves it!  After a week of use the batteries are still going strong, and his teeth are feeling nice and clean.  In fact, I think he is brushing more often than ever!  His favorite part of the toothbrush is that it is a TIME SAVER.  And, if you are as bad in the morning as we both are, anything that can save you a few minutes in the morning is a life saver!

Goodbye old manual toothbrush!  Well…for him.  But, at $19.99, I think I just might get one for myself.

Join the movement.  Say goodbye to your old manual toothbrushes and PowerUp!  Need a little more inspiration?  check out this video, showing the evolution of the toothbrush!  It will make you wonder (like I did) why you don’t have a Sonicare  Powerup already!?!

Also, check out your local Sunday newspaper on 8/4 for a $5 off coupon for any (1) Sonicare PowerUp battery operated toothbrush.

I’m so happy you stopped by today!  Take care and keep smiling!


  1. A Proverbs 31 Wife says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I was a selfish wife and kept my brush 🙂 But I did relent after a day and bought the pack of heads so that he could use the base 🙂

  2. Susan@Organized31 says:

    Clean teeth and a time saver sounds like a great combo. And you’ve got a bunch of sweet pics there of s lovely family.

  3. Tara @ Suburble says:

    Oh, your family is so gorgeous! (And I love your hubby’s smile – he seems like he’s a happy guy! And why wouldn’t he be, with a rad wife like you?)

    We have electric toothbrushes at home and they’re awesome. I couldn’t go back!

  4. I’ve been thinking I want a power toothbrush, I’m glad to see your review! Thanks!

  5. Wow, I’ve never seen power toothbrushes for just $19.99. I just may go out and get one. Your family is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  6. Chiwei @ One Dog Woof says:

    You guys are so cute! I’ve never considered a power toothbrush, but I’ll be looking into it!

  7. Kadie Arrington says:

    What a cute family! Lots to smile about for sure. I’ll have to look into this type of toothbrush! Thanks for sharing.:)

  8. Home Cooking Memories says:

    My husband is just like yours….he’s super excited to try the PowerUp (we haven’t bought it yet, but we’ve got our coupons and will be getting one each). Love all your photos and beautiful smiles!

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