Hello!  I have a special project to share with you today, one that I literally just finished!  I had planned on posting something else today, but, then I started to see all the amazing things you are doing with Mason Jars.  You see, this week’s theme for Happy Hour Friday is :

and I am thrilled to see all the posts that have been dug out of the archives.  Looking through these projects I realized that I really have done very little with Mason Jars…and I love Mason Jars.  So, it was time that I did a mason jar craft.  The result, a pretty little mason jar vase with a image transferred monogram.  I love image transfer because on glass it still allows the light to pass through.

Want to make your own?  Here’s the How-To

Mason Jar (preferably one with a minimal amount of writing and images–I used Kerr)
Transfer Gel
Page from a Magazine (Better Homes and Gardens works well because the pages are so thin)
Paint Brush
Mod Podge

  • Once you have gathered your supplies, it’s time to cut out your monogram.  I used a printed “B” to help me–and you might want to do this too, since you need to cut out the mirror image of what will appear.  (Notice that my “B” is backward”)
  • Then, carefully paint a coat of transfer gel onto the face of the letter.  Next, press the letter face down onto the front of the jar.  With the pads of your fingers work to smooth out the letter and get out all blobs of gel.  Be careful that you don’t rip the image.
  • Allow to dry completely.  When it is totally dry, saturate the paper.  Then, rub with the pads of your fingers until the paper is removed, leaving the image behind.  This process takes some time and patience.
  • Finally, use a delicate paint brush to seal the images with Mod Podge and remove any specks of transfer gel or Mod Podge.

And, there you have it!

I just love how this project looks in the light.  Would you ever have guess that that letter “B” was just a page in a magazine before?
For more wonderful mason jar crafts, make sure to check back here Thursday morning.  It is going to be an AWESOME roundup!