Alright, I have been doing a little series of felt ocean animals to get me through vacation.  I have just one more today, and it has another free template.  This is probably my favorite.  I think the bling-ed out whale turned out really cute and I have this pinned on my swim bag right now.

But first, just one more picture from our time at the beach last year:

Ready?  Here we go!
Wool Felt
Embroidery Thread and Needle
Tulip Glam it Up Iron-On Crystals

  • First of all, cut out the pieces you need, based on the template.
  • Then, place the tummy piece on the body piece and stitch around the top of it.
  • Next, pin the two body pieces together and also using a back stitch, stitch around the outside, leaving a gap so that it can be filled.
  • Iron on some bling.
  • Finally, stuff with poly-fill and stitch shut the opening.

There you have it!  Simple and shiny!
Thanks for being here,