As I have shared, we are at the beach, and since we are here my niece and I whipped up an easy sea shell necklace.  I decided to post it right away because this next week we will be collecting and featuring BEACH inspired crafts.  So, in that spirit, here is a simple, flashy sea shell necklace.

First off, there are two ways to acquire sea shells–buy them at a souvenir store (which is what we did) or collect them on the beach (which is what I did as a kid).  If you collect the shells yourself, then you will need to soak the shells in bleach overnight, to make sure they don’t start to stink.  Since I bought my shells, I skipped this step.
Here’s how you put together this simple necklace:
Shells (about 100)
Stretch Magic Thread
Needles or Sharp Scissors.
Okay, pay attention or you are going to miss this tutorial–it’s short!
Simply poke a hole in each shell using the needle or pointed end of a scissors.  Be careful not to brake off the edge of the shell when you are doing this.  When each shell has a hole, string them together.  Make sure that you don’t make the necklace too tight around your neck, as the shells will be a little pokey–and tada!  You are done!
And the finally, most important step, head out to the beach and do a photo shoot of your niece wearing her new necklace.
I had a necklace like this as a kid and I loved it.  It’s like the beach version of a pearl necklace.
Following the photo shoot my 2 nieces, Mary and Rose, snuggled with my mom on the swing.

And shortly after his nap, my little guy headed out to the beach again and had loads of fun.

There you have it–another simple craft.  Gotta get back to soaking up the sun and relaxing!