I have a fun and post today that I am super excited to share–mostly because it gives me a chance to show off some of my favorite pictures from our vacation.  When it comes to vacation, I am one lucky girl.  My parents own a cabin, along with several of my mom’s siblings, right on the beach of beautiful Lake Michigan.  My family gets two full weeks at the cabin and we all head there together, my parents, my siblings and all of our kids.  Well…this year one of my sisters and her kids were unable to make the trip, so instead of 9 (#10 is on the way) cousins all together, there were just 6.  Regardless we started a tradition last year and kept it going this year.  Using tie dye we created some colorful cousin apparel and then headed out to take pictures of the whole crew.  I just love how the tie dye give the group a uniform look–but not too uniform.  And the colors are awesome.  Here are a few pictures from last year:

My niece teaching our little guy to walk
The whole crew teaching my little guy to walk…or maybe just dragging him along!

I love these pictures–and all of the kids loved their tie dye.

This year we used tie dye from Tulip and, although we loved our shirts last year, we opted for a simpler (and cooler) method of tie dye–the spiral.  Tulip gives really clear directions as to how to do this, and we just followed those directions.

All you do is lay the shirt flat.  Then, pinch the center and start to twist.
Once the entire shirt is twisted up and in a sort-of flat ball you take 4 rubber bands (which are provided with the dye kit) and wrap them around the shirt, to form a star shape.  The rubber bands will mark off triangle shapes.  After the shirt is banded, mix up your paint (just add water and shake) and head outside to apply the paint to the shirt.  Color each triangle a different color.  We found that with the dye, less is more, and to get a more dramatic spiral effect, place dark and light colors next to each other.
Here is my niece proudly holding her finished shirt.  She’ll be in second grade next year, and she tie-dyed her shirt all by herself!  Once you have added dye, place the shirt in a plastic bag and let it set for several hours.  Then rinse, wash and wear!
I tie dyed a little ruffled shirt for my baby girl.  It turned out cool because the dye didn’t stick to the lace.  (Okay, cutest baby ever?  Probably.)
My two year old, who is all boy, got an all-boy shirt…and he made sure to get it plenty dirty!
And finally, here is this year’s walking picture.  My little guy learned to walk last year.  This year it was my niece’s turn to learn to walk…and although she hasn’t mastered it, we’ll say she learned to walk in Michigan, wearing tie dye, just like her cousin did last year.
It was a wonderful vacation.  I am so thankful for all the memories.
Thanks to Tulip for making these shirts, and these pictures, possible!