As I’ve shared before, I am the happiest when my hands are busy.  For this reason I always have a project going, even if I’m not quite sure what I am going to do with that project once I am done with it.  Today’s project is a prime example of this.  For lack of a better name I have been referring to this project as “the girl with the hair”.  And the hair is what I really love about this project.  Overall, it is a simple embroidery project, and here is how I did it:


Fabric (mine is, once again, an upcycled, thrifted napkin)
Embroidery hoop
Black thread and needle
Black sharpie
First off, draw out your design in pencil.  I know that this picture is light, but the important thing to draw out is the shape of the girl’s face and the thick “strands” of hair.
Then, take two strands of black thread and outline the girl and her hair with a back stitch.
Once the outline is done, start filling in the hair.  This is where this project really came alive for me.  I love the textured look that this gave to the hair.  For this part I used just one thread and stitched back and forth across each strand of hair.  I also worked to make each strand of hair look a little unique, whether that mean varying distances between stitches, or stitches slanted one way or another.
 After the hair was done, I moved onto the face…and here is where I struggled.  I stitched and re-stitched the face, and each time it looked like a different animal.  I would have liked to leave the face blank, but since I sketched the face in pen, I had to do something, so I settled for drawing it with a sharpie…hummmmm.  Still not totally in love with it!
But I do love her hair.  And, that’s what she is, after all, the girl with the hair.

Thought?  Should I try stitching her face again?

Thanks–I really would like some feedback!