Here is a little project I did for my friend Kilee over at One Little Mama.  She just welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world earlier this month, and I was happy to contribute to her blog so that she had more time to snuggle with him.  I hope you enjoy these cute little butterflies as much as my little girl and I do!

As you know, I have a 2 year old little boy and a 6 month old little girly, who I love to dress up and make accessories for!  She really doesn’t have any hair yet, so we do lots of headbands.  This project is intended to be attached to a headband–but it could be a pin too!  Very easy, just pull out those felt scraps and buttons, and here we go!

Felt Scraps
Embroidery Thread and Needle
Headband or Pin

I usually create a template for projects like this, but since I made mine two different shapes, I thought it might be best if you just free-handed it.

First off, cut out a large butterfly shape for the back.  Then, cut out two smaller pieces, one that will fit over the top two wings, and one that will fit over the bottom two wings.  Finally, cut out shapes to add embellishment.

Next, stitch the embellishment pieces onto the top and bottom wing pieces.  Do it however you like!

Then, use a running stitch to attach the top and bottom wing pieces to the full butterfly piece.

And finally, stitch on the three buttons to the center of the butterfly.

And there you have it!  Can’t wait to see what it looks like in my little girl’s hair!

Thanks for having me, Kilee–and congrats!

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