Hello and welcome back!  I have one more DIY souvenir from my European travels to share with you today.  I already shared this project to remember my trip to Prague.  After Prague we went to Vienna, but were only there briefly.  After that we headed to Edinburgh for a friend’s wedding.  This souvenir is from that leg of the trip.

But first–Scottland was…rainy, but very good!  It rained everyday, almost all day, EXCEPT the day of our friend’s wedding.  They had a perfect perfect day!  The wedding itself was wonderful.  They rented a red double decker bus and we all rode to Colton Hill in style for the wedding.  My trendy husband had on these super reflective sunglasses, so I took this picture of the two of us!  Yup, I know I’m silly.

See what I mean about it being a super sunny day?

AND, the wedding was moustache themed!

After the wedding everyone went their own way, and we headed off to explore Scotland, in the rain!  We tromped around Edinburgh one day and hopped on a bus to explore the Scottish Highlands the next.  Included in the highlands tour was Loch Ness!

If you look really really really close, you can see Nessy peaking up way off in the distance…do you see it?  Do ya???

I even put my hands in the water!  AHHHH!  But it’s okay, I walked away with all of my fingers!

And this brings we to my DIY souvenir.  I snatched up a few of those stones, threw them in my bag and carried them back with me for some crafting fun!

Want to make your own wire-wrapped stone pendants?  Here’s what you’ll need:
Stones (from somewhere memorable)
Jewelry Wire
Needle-Nosed Pliers
Flat Nosed Pliers
Wire Cutters

First, select your stone and cut a length of wire.

Then, find the center of the wire and make a loop with the needle nosed pliers.  Then, wrap the wire around itself a few times.

Next, move to the ends of the wire, and make a tiny loop.

Using the flat nosed pliers, wrap the wire around and around the loop on the end until you reach the desired size circle.  Repeat so you have one of these swirling loops on each side of the wire.

Next, place the center over the top of the stone, with a piece of wire coming down each side of the rock.  Wrap the wire around the stone, attempting to get the twisted circles to be on what will be the front of the pendant.

And you’re done!  Grab a chain and wear a unique souvenir…

Unless you live with a little boy…who loves rocks…and likes to steal you wire-wrapped stone pendants!
Thanks for sharing in my European fun!