There are certain pictures that are just so sweet I want to look at them all the time.  One of those pictures is this one, of a rather proper looking man and woman holding hands as they swing around on one of those swing rides.  How sweet!  They guy looks so calm and the woman looks like she is having the time of her life!  Love it.

Now, I love looking at this picture…but it was hidden in a National Geographic book.  Well, I couldn’t let that continue, so I tore the picture out…but now what to do with it?  Photo Transfer!

I have done several photo transfers (here, here, here and here), but I wanted to do something a bit different, so I made this lovely swinging couple into a pillow.

Here’s the how to:
Photo (printed in any way other than ink jet)
Omni-Gel 8-Ounce Transfer Medium

Paint Brush
Wet Rag
Mod Podge, Matte Finish
Sewing Machine
Batting to fill pillow
Black Fabric

First of all, cover the original picture with a generous coat of transfer gel and place it face down onto the fabric (sorry, no photo of this).

  • After the transfer medium has dried completely, place a wet rag on top and allow to dry completely.
  • Once the paper is soaked, begin to run at the paper with the pads of your fingers.  the paper will begin to roll off, and the image will remain.
  • Keep rubbing until all the paper is removed.  Be warned, the transfer will not be perfect.  Parts of the image will come off with the paper leaving an “aged” look.
  • With all of the paper removed, apply a coat of Mod Podge to seal the image.
  • Then, trim the fabric to prepare for making the pillow.
  • Head to the sewing machine and sew a strip of back fabric to all four edges.  Iron flat the seams, being careful not to melt the mod podge sections!
  • Place face down on another piece of black fabric.  Sew all four sides, leaving a gap to flip right side out and fill with batting.
  • Stuff, hand sew shut the opening…and done!

Ah, how romantic!

I hope your romance is as sweet as this!