My husband and I enjoy the occasional glass of wine, and although we aren’t too concerned about mixing up our glasses, I though a little bit of felt and some great buttons would make some great charms.

This project is easy, easy easy!  Seriously, pay attention.  This tutorial is so simple that it’s like the small towns in rural Minnesota, where I grew up.  If your not paying attention, you’re going to miss it!


Let’s make some colorful, funky, FELT wine glass charms.

Felt Scraps
Fabulous Buttons (I get mine here)
Needle and Thread
Black thin ribbon

First off, cut the felt into a tear drop shape, with the flat edge on a fold, as shown in the picture.

Ummmm….and then, fold it in half, stitch on your fabulous buttons, add a ribbon.

And, you’re done!

Was that easy enough for ya?

Who says crafting has to be hard work?

Well, the great things about simple crafts is that it leaves plenty of time to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine, which is where I am headed right now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks, as always for stopping by!


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