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If you read creative blogs as much as I do, you’re probably very aware that Martha Stewart has a new line of jewelry supplies, and that a bunch of very talented bloggers have been creating beautiful pieces with those supplies for a few weeks now.  I also got an amazing package of Martha Stewart Jewelry supplies, and I have been having a wonderful time playing around with everything that came.

Check out what they send me:

Amazing!  Now…what to do with it…

Let’s be honest, I spent quite a while just playing, and one of the things I was really excited about playing with was this:

A custom mold kit.  Cool, right!  So, once upon a nap time I pulled out the supplies and had a little fun.  It was like a chemistry experiment…but what to make a mold of?  Well, just about everyone who knows me knows that I have a weakness for a few things–one of those being buttons.  Plus, buttons come in all sorts of cool shapes and have interested designs.  That nap-time fun, turned into those cool statement rings.  Here’s how I did it.

Martha Steward Custom Mold Kit
Hot glue gun
Martha Steward Epoxy Clay (white and red)
Martha Steward Ring Settings
Jewelry Super Glue
Martha Steward Jewelry Glaze
Martha Steward Jewelry Enamel
Tooth Pick

The first part of making these rings, is making the mold for the cabochons.
First off, mix up a batch of your custom mold.  You see, the mold kit comes with silicon and an activator.  Follow the instructions on the container and use the measuring up and stir stick provided.
Next, take your selected buttons and hot glue them to the bottom of a paper plate.
Finally, pour your mixed silicon on top of the buttons.  Since I did several buttons at once I had to make several batches of the silicon/activator mixture.  Allow 24 hours to dry.  When dry the silicon will easily pull off of the paper plate and button.  Below is a close up of what the mold looks like.
Now that you have your molds, it’s time to grab your clay and make a cabochon for the ring.  The epoxy clay comes in lots of great colors, but since I knew I wanted to paint some of mine, I used white.  The epoxy clay also takes 24 hours to dry.  When pressing the clay into the mold, use small pieces to make sure there are no air bubbles.  Once the mold is full, rub the back until it is flat and smooth with a wet finger.
Now it is time to paint the cabochons and create the rings.

Once 24 hours have passed, pop those babies out of the molds and let’s get painting.  For this project I used both Martha Stewart’s Jewelry glaze (creamy gold and aqua) and the enamel (orange).  Both of these are cool but here are the differences: The enamel is much thinner and takes 24 hours to dry.  But it is cool because it allows you to clearly see the texture of the piece.  The glaze dries much quicker and gives a nice shine.  I found that it was easiest to apply both the glaze and the enamel with a tooth pick.  The red cabochon I decided not to paint.

Then, it is just a matter of super gluing the finished cabochon onto the ring setting.

Here are the three rings I made and the button I used as a mold.

I really love how this project turned out…and just think about all of the possibilities!  I have started looking around my house wondering, “could I make a mold of that…or that?”  You gotta try it!  So, head to Michael’s (cause it’s the only place you can get Martha Stewart’s Jewelry) and pick out some supplies.  I can’t wait to see what you make molds of!!!
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