Bent Fork Picture Stands

Today I have a project for you that I am in love with, and I’m in love with it for three very simple reasons: it’s cool, it cost almost nothing and it takes about 5 minute to complete.  Sounds good to me.  Sound good to you?

If it does, than let’s make a bent fork picture stand!  YEAH!

So, first off, find a fork or two.  You can, of course, go to your utensil drawer, but a better place might be a second hand store.  As a seasoned thrift-shopper I see forks for sale, and for cheap, very often.  Plus, what I love about this project is that all those beautiful forks, that are just a little too unique and beautiful for actual use work great for this project.  I opted for forks with cool, retro floral designs on the handle.

Next, pull out the pliers and bend your fork to look like this:

This is far from an exact science, but here are some tips I learned while bending my forks:
1. Place a towel between the fork and the pliers so that the fork doesn’t get scratched.
2. Place the tip of the pliers at the exact place you want to bend and use leverage to make the bending easier.
3. Play around with it and make sure that in the end the fork stands on end unsupported.
And that’s it!  5 minutes are up and you’re done.

I bent a few forks, and am excited to use them to display some cool watercolors I purchased of Prague while I was there visiting.

I hope you have been inspired!

Thank, as always, for being here!


  1. Susan@Organized31 says:

    Nancy, I’m gonna have to hit some yard sales soon. These would be great name card holders at a party, too.

  2. Sarah Wells says:

    Such a neat idea! I would love for you to share this on my Sweet Tooth blog link party.


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