Stained Glass Heart Pendant

Hello!  I hope you are all doing well, and enjoying the spring.  Here, in Minnesota we are having a blizzard!  Seriously!  AHHHHH, when will winter end???

But, enough of that.  I am stopping by to share a very simple fun project I made for my birthday that I celebrated a few days ago.  I have been making and wearing a lot of pendants lately.  I just feel like they are fun, easy, and like this one, super cheap!

The supplies you’ll need for this stained glass pendant are:
A wooden heart shape (sold at Michael’s for $.30)
Tiny scraps of tissue paper
Mod Podge (regular and dimensional magic)
Jump Ring Finding and Chain

I don’t really have a tutorial for you because this is pretty straight forward.  First I painted the entire heart, front and back, gold.  Then I mod podged on the tiny triangles I cut out of the tissue paper, so they slightly overlapped.  After that was dry I added a few coats of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  When that was dry I grabbed a sharpie and a ruler and added the straight lines.  Finally I pulled out the drill and put a small hole in the left corner so I could attach a jump ring and chain.

Oh and look!  I actually got a picture of myself wearing it!  My birthday (the actual day) was a Tuesday, so my husband went to work and the kids and I did our usual errands and work around the house…but I did it all wearing my new pendant, so that made it special!

I picked up two of these heart pendants at Michael’s and here are the two pendants I created.  I posted the Doodle Pendant a few days ago.  You can check it out here if you’d like!

I love that you stopped by!


  1. Eva {Tales of the Scotts} says:

    Very cute! I’d never know that was one of those wooden pieces.

  2. I love both of those! I will have to go check out the wood section at the craft store, I already have a ton of tissue paper and some Dimensional Magic in my stash! What a fun project!

    The Hot Toddies of Washington

  3. Linda Bouffard says:

    Don’t we love the dimensional paint? Looks great! Linda

  4. Cute! these would even be great on a set of keys, they are big enough where keys cant’get lost yet not too big!

  5. pss. . . found you from Weekend Wonder party!

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