Here is a post I did over at Sugar Bee Crafts a few weeks ago.  I have this hanging in my baby’s room, and I just love love love it.  Hope you do too!

Today’s project is a simple portrait with felt flower accents.  Before we get started I wanted to say something about the embroidery in this project–I often have people comment that they like a project, but wouldn’t dare attempt it because they are intimidated by the hand-stitching.  I too am often intimidated by some embroidery, but this project is not challenging in the least.  It employs the most basic stitch–the back stitch–which is literally just stitching in a straight line.  Here’s a nice video tutorial for embroidering with a back stitch.  If you own a needle, you can complete this project!

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s the how-to.

Embroidery Hoop (I buy mine second hand, often times with other projects inside, and recycle them)
Cream colored linen fabric (mine is a thrifted napkin)
Quilting pen with disappearing ink
Dark Brown Embroidery Thread
Various Colors of Felt
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Take linen and quilting pen.  Sketch your portrait.  I free handed mine, but it is also easy to trace an image on fabric.  Just bring it up on your computer, tape your fabric to your computer screen and trace!
Step 2: Using three threads, Stitch the bold outline of your portrait.  Use the back stitch for this step.
Step 3: Once again using the back stitch, but only one thread this time, stitch the detailed lines in your portrait.  For this step I added details to her hair.
Step 4: Create your felt flowers. A tutorial for creating the pink roses can be found here, and a tutorial for the yellow followers here.  The purple flowers are simply a flat shape.
Step 5: Pull out the hot glue gun.  First, glue leaves to the back of the flowers.  Then when satisfied with your arrangement, glue down the flowers.
Step 6: Finally, trim the excess material from around the embroidery hoop.

Thanks so much for being here!

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