I am getting into new territory as a crafter: kids crafts.  I started this blog when my first was just a few months old, right when I was discovering the joy of nap-time crafting.  He is still a little young (only 21 months) but I can see that he soon will be my crafting buddy…and before I know it, his sister (who is 3 months right at the moment) will be joining the fun and mess making with us.
For this reason I was excited when Craft Project Ideas sent me a box stuffed full of their wonderful crafting supplies.  There were pipe cleaners, googily eyes, stick on gems, tiny clothes pins and felt flower stickers, just to name a few.  And so, my little guy and I set out to create something fun and creative during the baby’s morning nap.  And we came up with…
This was an especially genius craft for my little guy who is currently OBESSED with pulling things inside other things…which explains why I keep finding all sorts of things in odd places around the house!  Also, I should note here that there are certain parts of this project that are mommy parts, and other parts that are little boy parts.
Supplies Needed:
Tin Cans
Pipe Cleaners, Googily Eyes and Puffs from Craft Project Ideas
Hot Glue

Here’s the How To:
1. Mom: drill holes in the tin can at desired places.  We drilled holes for hair, arms and mouth
2. Kid: insert pipe cleaners for arms, hair and mouth.  Fold the pipe cleaners against the inside. The mouth is simply a pipe cleaner inserted into the can on each end.  Again, fold the pipe-cleaner tight against the inside so it lays flat.
3. Mom: pull out the hot glue gun and add nose and eye(s), as kid directs.

And finally, time to play!

Currently our tin can monsters and full of cars, horse figurines and magnet letters!  I call that a success.

Thanks again to Craft Project Ideas!  Check out all of their great supplies online or at WalMart!  I am excited to dream up other projects with my supplies.


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