So, I had planned on writing this post and publishing this project long before this…  I thought it would be a good “get ready for Pi Day!” post…but instead I am posting it late in the afternoon on Pi Day.

I have the joy of being a stay at home mom, which usually affords me a lot of freedom.  On days like today, however, when I spend half of my time feeding the baby, and the other half picking up the disaster my toddler creates while I feed the baby, I don’t feel very free at all!

But anyway, I’m here now–Happy Pi Day!

Amid the frustrations of today, I have at least been stylish with my new, pi day inspired pendant.  It’s a pie-chart!  Cool, right?  And guess what, it’s made out of paint chips.  Cool and cheap!

Here’s the how to:
Paint Chips
Circle punch (I used 2.5″)
Wooden craft circles (also 2.5″ and only about $0.20 at Micheal’s!)
Mod Podge (regular and Dimensional Magic)
Finding and two needle nosed pillars

This project is fairly straight-forward.

  • First, paint the wooden circles, because the edge of them will show.
  • Then, punch out several circles from the paint chips.  To cut the “pie pieces” it is important to find the exact center of each circle.  To do this, fold one circle in fourths and cut in half.  Use this to draw an cross on the back of each circle to find the center.  Then, cut “pie pieces” making sure to have the point in the center.
  • Next, Mod Podge the pie pieces in place on top of a full circle.  Then, mod podge the “pies” onto the wooden circles.
  • Finally, add a layer of mod podge dimensional magic.
  • When the dimensional magic is dry, take out the drill and drill a small hole in the top of each pendant.  Then add a circle finding and a chain!

It definitely is a “statement” necklace, but I really like it!  Fun, right!  Gotta love paint chips!

I made three, and I plan on sending two of them to a few of my dorky friends, you know, people that actually like math…and do more than just each pie on pi day!
And finally, here a little “snake peak” at what I have to deal with when I’m taking pictures…Why is what I’m doing always so much more interesting than the piles and piles of toys and books?  Little stinker!  As he was reaching he was saying “ball”, so shortly after snatching the pendant it went flying across the room.  Boys….
Thanks, as always, for being here,