Why does it feel like I am doing everything last minute?  Probably because I am!  Last night I whipped up these shirts in less time that it took my husband to give the kids a bath!  And look how cute!
Well, if you are like me, and do things last minute, here is a quick and easy holiday shirt idea (one you can tuck away for next St. Patty’s day…since we have just a few hours left of this year!)  Also, I need to mention that I was deeply inspired by my fabulous link party co-host, Jessica over at Cutesy Crafts.  check out her St. Patty’s Day shirts she made with the help of her Silhouette Cameo (yup, I don’t have one…and I’m jealous!!!)
Here’s the how to:
Scrap Fabric
Heat Bond Iron on
White T-Shirt
First, iron the heat on onto the green fabric.  Leave on the paper.
Then, draw out your shape.  This is easy because of the paper!
Next, peal off the paper, and iron the shapes directly onto the t-shirts.
Done!  I hope you had a wonderful St. Patty’s Day!
And…if you are feeling lucky, you should enter this little giveaway for a Silhouette Cameo I’ve got going on…
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