Easy Watercolor Portrait from www.dosmallthingswithlove.com

Hi!  Although it doesn’t look like it, this is a very easy watercolor portrait that ANYONE can do.  Seriously, you have to try it!

I don’t like to have favorites, but I think this just might be my all time FAVORITE project that I have ever done.  I feel this way for two reasons:  First of all, it is totally easy.  I have very limited skills when it comes to drawing anything realistic, especially portraits, and I was able to do this, so ANYONE can do this.  And secondly, this is a watercolor portrait of my godmother, Mary, who unfortunately, passed away from cancer when I was young.

Below is a picture the picture of Mary that has become almost iconic in our family.

I love this picture, and I have had it on display for several years.  She was my mom’s younger sister and passed away shortly after she was married and had her first baby.  Her death has long been a major tragedy for my family.  We think of Mary in March especially because her birthday was St. Patrick’s day.  We continue to celebrate the holiday for her! Because this picture is so important in our memory of my aunt, I used it in creating this portrait.

How to Create an EASY Watercolor Portrait

Supplies Needed:
Water Color Paper
Fine-tipped paint brush
Water Colors
Light box/Glass table lit from beneath


Easy Watercolor Portrait from www.dosmallthingswithlove.com

1. Scan your picture and upload it to a photo editing program.  I use the free version of Picmonkey.  Adjust the exposure and contrast of your picture until it is almost all black and white, no grey.  It takes a little bit of trial and error.  When done, print your picture at desired size.

2. Take a piece of watercolor paper and place it over the printed picture.  Tape in place.  Then, place both pieces of paper on a light table/overhead projector, or if you don’t have either of these, like me, use a glass table with bright lights placed beneath.  However you do it, you need to see that printed photo through the watercolor paper, which is heavy paper.  Then, paint on the art masking fluid to the white areas of the photo.  Make sure to get all the details of the eyes.  It is going to look funny at this stage–I thought mine was not going to turn out at all!

3.  When the art masking fluid is dry (wait 12 hours to be sure) pull out the watercolors and go to town!  Just so you know, my toddler did some of the painting at this stage.

4. And finally, the reveal!  When the watercolor is completely dry, rub the art masking fluid and pull it off.  See in the picture how it peals off?  Pretty cool, right?

And, ta da!

Easy Watercolor Portrait from www.dosmallthingswithlove.com

I love it!  I am planning on doing several more of these.  This one is a gift for my mother.  Mary, we miss you!

full tutorial for making watercolor portraits, the easy way!

Thanks for stopping by–and for sharing in the memory of my godmother with me!

I plan on using this method again because it is a really cool way to transfer an image.  Here are a few other projects I have done that transfer images in different ways:

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