Before I get started on the project I’d like to introduce my guest crafter: my niece Mary.  She is an amazing “up and comer” in the crafting world…and she happens to be loosing lots of teeth at the moment.  She is, without a doubt, my favorite crafting buddy and she was sweet enough to help me with this Lenten project.

So, Lent is coming up (ominous music).  I both dread and I look forward to Lent.  Lent is a time of self-denial, and I’m not a huge fan of that, but it is also a time of great renewal.  Since the baby came in November I haven’t had time for a lot of quiet and peace.  I hope to find that this Lent.

Since Lent is a time of prayer, Mary and I made an easy and pretty Lenten Candle Holder.  I love stained glass and this candle is meant to bring a little of that “church” feel into your home.

There are two versions of this project, the second only slightly more complicated than the first.

Version 1
Mason Jar
Tissue Paper (Lenten Colors) cut into little squares
Modge Podge or Elmer’s Glue

Directions: Simply dab on some modge podge, stick on a piece of tissue paper, repeat, over lapping the tissue paper as you go.  Then, when the entire jar is covered, add a cross.  Mary added a gold cross, and my mom, who is another one of my crafting buddies, added a black cross with a flesh-colored corpus.

And finally, seal with a final coat of modge podge and when dry, insert a candle.

Version 2
All of the supplies from version 1 and
Contact paper
Exacto Knife

This version is slightly different because the cross will be a cut out an then filled with lighter colored tissue paper.

1. Cut out a cross from the contact paper and stick to the jar.
2. Just like in step one, apply tissue paper, making sure to cover the edges of the cross.
3. Once dry, take an exacto knife and cut along the edges of the cross.  Then, carefully remove the cross, revealing the uncovered jar beneath.
4. Take pieces of a lighter colored tissue paper and fill in the cross.

 Looks pretty cool when you light it, huh?

And so, I hope you make a Lenten Vigil Candle for yourself, or at least make a little bit more time for prayer this Lenten season.  One of my many Lenten resolution this year is to not buy any crafting supplies…  I did it last year and I can do it again!

But more importantly, I hope to meet God in prayer more.

Thanks for stopping by,