So, it’s Lent.  I have a love/hate relationship with Lent.  I love that it is a special time, set apart for self-denial, reflection, prayer and renewal.  Unfortunately I also struggle with Lent for the same reasons.  I love the thought of simplifying my life and meeting God in the quiet–I just continually fall short.
I read somewhere that the best way to keep your Lenten resolutions is to put a visual reminder in your home.  This can be as simple as moving a chair.  Then, each time you see that chair is a strange place you think “why is that there…oh, that’s right, it’s Lent and I promised I’d do this…”
I wanted a visual reminder in my own home, so I came up with this little project.  It’s easy, takes just a few supplies and some patience.
Board (mine is scrap from my sister’s remodeling project)
Hammer and small nails
Spray Paint
Thread–white and red
Step 1: Mark the design on your board.  A cross was easy, just two lines.  Mark along the edges of the cross every 1/2 inch so you know where to place the nails.  Then, hammer nails into the wood.  As you can see, mine are not perfect–far from it–but this won’t be so noticeable when it is completed.
Step 2: place paper heart pattern in the center of the cross and pound nails in all around it.  My nails were much closer together around the heart so that the thread would “fill” it in more completely.

Step 3: Once all of your nails are in place, spray paint the entire thing, making sure to also spray paint the nails.

Step 4: When dry, pull out your thread and start wrapping!  I did the body of the cross first.  To start, tie the end of the thread to a nail.  Then, trim the end so it wouldn’t be noticed.  There is no specific process for doing this.  Just make sure that each nail is wrapped around, the outline of the cross is clear and the space within the cross is relatively filled.  When done, tie the end of the thread to a nail and trim short.

Step 5: Now it’s time to wrap the heart.  I wrapped this much more completely.  I really wanted the red of the heart to pop–a reminder of how Christ loves us, something especially clear during Lent.  As you can see I wrapped the nails of the heart with both colors of thread, red on the inside and white on the outside.  When done, tie off.

And there you have it.

As an added element, it is powerful to reflect on the crucifixion of our Lord while completing this project, especially while pounding the nails.

May you have a blessed Lent,