Felt Snow Flakes: Cutting Felt Perfectly

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!  This post is all about the BEST way to cut felt–and how to cut felt and get precise pieces!  I have a fabulous tip for cutting felt!  Keep reading!

Winter is still in FULL SWING up here in Minnesota.  Not only did we get a few inches of snow in the last few days, but the temp has been very chilly.  I know, I talk about the weather a lot on here, but that’s what we do in Minnesota!  We talk about the weather all the time!

Today I have a little project that celebrates winter because not only are we crazy enough to live in Minnesota where it is winter half of the year, but we actually celebrate the season.  There are countless polar plunges and the city of St. Paul has a festival to honor winter.  That’s right, we stand outside and freeze and call it fun.  (sometimes I don’t know why I live here…)

So this project is simple.  Just cut out felt snow flakes and embellish–but I have a trick for you that will make your felt cutting so much easier: Clear Packing Tape.

Yup, Clear Packing Tape!  If you have ever tried to make an exact cut out of felt you’ve probably realized that it can be difficult.  And if you use straight pins to pin a pattern onto felt–it makes it even worse, causing the felt to bubble.  So, enter Clear Packing Tape!

Here is the very simple How To get perfect felt cuts:

1. and 2. Create a pattern for your project.  As you can see, my pattern is very simple.

3. Tape the pattern directly onto the felt, taping long strips of tape over the pattern and onto the exposed felt around the pattern.  Note, the tape will stick to the felt that is outside of the pattern, so even if it does make the felt a little fuzzy when you pull it off it doesn’t matter because the felt you are actually using is beneath the pattern.  Genius right?!?

4. Using SHARP scissors, cut out the pattern.  See, with the tape your pattern won’t slip or bubble, so your final result will be perfect!

And presto–you have a better result that you would have with straight pins.  Much better.  And, if you want to reuse the pattern, just tape over it again.

So there you have it: another felt project!
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  1. This is a brilliant tip Nancy! I have a question. Does removing it cause the felt to thin or pill?


    • It might damage the felt outside of the pattern, but not the part you care about because it is underneath the pattern and protected. Also, I have found that packing tape isn’t really that sticky and doesn’t really damage the felt anyway. Just a little.

  2. Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple says:

    Beautiful!! I love how those look

  3. These are so fun! And what a great tip on cutting!! I need this! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Brilliant! I never would have thought of this and appreciate that you did!

  5. Meg Hodson says:

    Visiting from the Monday Mingle. Following via GFC and Twitter. Would love a visit back?



  6. Donna Wilkes says:

    Thanks for sharing an amazing tip!

  7. Katie @ Creatively Living says:

    I love these! Pinning them to the Monday Funday board too!
    Thanks for sharing!


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