Okay, one more Valentine’s project.

Don’t ya just love felt?  I think I have made it pretty clear that I do!  This is a little heart monster I designed and made.  And here’s just how you do it!

Embroidery Thread
Scrap Fabric

I took pictures along the way…

The pictures really speak for themselves, but I will offer a little explanation.

First of all, sketch out your monster.  Then, fold it in half and cut it out (this way it will be symmetrical).    Then, pull out your clear packing tape and tape it to the felt, on the fold.  I explain why I use tape when cutting felt here.
Cut out.  Add eye(s), teeth, etc.
Fold monster in half and cut out heart.  Save heart.
Place scrap of fabric behind the heart cut-out and stitch in place with a backstitch.
Add embellishment.  Tip–I use staples instead of stick pins with felt–so it lays flat when I stitch.
Cut out a second monster for the back.  Stuff and sew sides with a blanket stitch.

And here are my two little “monsters” this Valentines.  This felt heart monster is my gift for my little boy this Valentines.  With a nursing baby I’m not sure my husband will take me on a “date”, but I’m not going to lie, life is pretty good!
It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!


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