Here is a simple project…very simple.  I am a novice on the sewing machine, at best.  So, truly, if I can do this, ANYONE can!

A sweet taggy blanket for my sweet little girl.

First of all I should say that my husband is from Pittsburgh.  Enough said?  Here’s a little text exchange that got this whole project started:

Yup–he’s got me trained.  If I see Steelers stuff, I buy it.  And since our little girl didn’t have anything Steelers yet (3 months and no Steelers stuff yet!?!) I got it and decided to make her a taggy blanket!

Fleece (a half yard is good)
Sewing Machine
Stick Pins

  • First of all, cut two pieces of fleece, about 2’x2′.
  • Then, pin folded pieces of ribbon along the edge of one of the pieces of fleece, all the way around.  Pin to the top of the fleece.  The edges of the ribbon should be on the outside.
  • Next, sew around the edge of the piece of fleece, securing the ribbon in place.
  • Then, take the other piece of fleece, and with right sides in, pin the two pieces together and sew around the outside, leaving a small opening to flip it.
  • Trim the excess seam and flip so the right sides are out.
  • Stitch the opening shut by hand with a matching thread.

And done!  Finally, give to a sweet little girl who, whether she likes it our not, will be a Steeler’s fan!

Thanks, as always, so being here!