My family is at a really fun stage where things are changing quickly.  Just two and a half years ago my husband and I got married…and now we have two children.  Makes my head spin!  I am so grateful, and a little overwhelmed sometimes!  We have had two Christmases in a row where we had the joy of celebrating a baby’s first Christmas…and if my husband gets his way, we’ll be doing it again next year…but I don’t think he’ll get his way!  Really though, I want as big a family as I can get.  Maybe it’s just because I have the sweetest little baby girl right now, but I want to have tons of babies!

So, I thought it would be fun to stitch up a cute reminder of what our family looked like in 2012.  We hope to have many more children, and if I continue to stitch up various reminders, it will be a fun way to watch our family grow.  At first I was planning on using this as a ornament, but it never got on the tree, and I now plan on leaving it out after I get all the Christmas stuff packed up.

Here is a glimps of our penguin family

Little Boy
Little Girl
I’m really happy with how my little penguin family turned out.  I mean really, what’s cuter than a penguin?!?  These are easy to whip up and fun to add little embellishments to.  I’m excited to make another animal-themed felt family next year!
Here is the template.  I know, it’s not pretty, but it will easily aid you in making this simple project.

A simple how to:
1. Cut out two body pieces, two wings, and a front piece
2. Sew eyes and beak onto front piece.
3. With a running stitch, sew front piece onto a body piece.
4. Add embellishments (bow tie, scarf, etc)
5. Pin the wings in place and then sew front and back body pieces together, attaching the wings as you go.
6. Fill with batting and stitch up opening.
7. If desired, add a string or ribbon for hanging.

That’s it!

As always, thanks for being here!
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